"We heard Amadeus Consulting had a solid reputation for working with Microsoft .NET technologies. We were impressed with the company’s extensive skills and previous development successes, specifically in-staff augmentation services."

- Daren Fankhauser, Development Manager
Data Center International

Amadeus Consulting Essence

The goal of the Amadeus Consulting credo and guiding principles was to capture our essence and our values, and in turn, build a sound foundation around the culture so that we may deliver exceptional service to our clients. They were not created simply to hang on a wall; they are incorporated into our lives, our space, our decisions, our words and our actions. We invite you to read them to get to know us better and understand how we may serve you.

The Amadeus Consulting Credo (Our "essence")

We strive to win in everything we do.

  • A win is delivering innovative technology solutions.
  • A win is doing what we say.
  • A win is only a win if our principles are upheld.
  • A win is best when everyone wins: clients, employees, Amadeus and the broader community.

You will hear us ask the questions: What is a win for our clients? What is a win for this meeting? What is a win for an Amadeus employee? What is a win for today? Did we win today? A win is solving a technical hurdle. A win is hiring the right person for the right job. A win includes having fun along the way. We know we aren't going to win every time, but we sure are going to try.

The Amadeus Consulting Guiding Principles

  • Everything is possible.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Do "it" with passion.
  • Develop great software with both science and art.
  • Engineer winning strategies.
  • A culture of relaxed professionals.
  • Sustainability matters.
  • Take pride in what we create and how we create it.
  • Protect what we love. 

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