"I'm very impressed with the Amadeus Consulting team and their ability to deliver a mission-critical system on a tight deadline. Our successful deployment of TSMS™ has established our ability to assist both government and private authorities."

Jeffrey K. Beatty
Founder and President, TotalSecurity.US

Company Bios

Since 1994, Amadeus Consulting has been providing clients with successful custom technology solutions. Much of our success is due to the expertise of our talented team. From our executives who have built the foundation, to our director team, who ensure successful client engagements, to our innovation team that keeps us on the leading edge, to our Board of Advisors, we have assembled a team with an unmatched depth of knowledge and expertise. Learn more about our team through the below company bios.

The Executive Team

 The Executive Team  of Amadeus Consulting has created a distinctive model for value-added technology consulting leading to many positive engagements and successes with our clients.

The Director Team

The directors at Amadeus Consulting provide continuity for an exceptional client experience throughout an engagement.  Amadeus Consulting also holds a true commitment to innovation. Our Quality and Innovation team stays on top of the leading edge of technology, ensuring that our clients have access to the best tools and processes for a high quality engagement. 

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