"Many people would probably be surprised to find out how busy most pastors are, so it was great to work with Amadeus Consulting who knows how to make the best iPhone and mobile apps for people on-the-go."

- Pastor Roosevelt Wright, of Sermon Ideas and New Tabernacle Baptist Church 


Lisa Calkins, CEO

As CEO of Amadeus Consulting, Lisa Calkins has created a distinctive model for value-added technology consulting leading to many positive, long-term client relationships. Lisa co-founded the company in 1994 with the values that remain essential to the company today: Mutual respect for co-workers and technology solutions that achieve real-world business results.

Under Lisa's leadership, Amadeus Consulting has evolved into one of the country's leading software consulting companies by assisting clients with a wide range of technology, operational and marketing challenges beyond their immediate software development needs. This pragmatic approach has helped many successful entrepreneurs get their products to market quickly with a solid, extensible technology platform for sustained business growth. Lisa continues to refine the company's best practices to meet the unique demands of entrepreneurial development projects.


Prior to Amadeus Consulting, Lisa was a senior project leader for many years with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) where she led an elite group of software architects brought in to tackle major clients' most complex and challenging projects. In addition, Lisa was selected by senior management to chair a committee to promote leadership development and integrity at the global corporate level.


Lisa is a dedicated community leader and respected mentor to many colleagues and associates. She is a past president of the Colorado Federation of Business and Professional Women, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to helping women achieve economic self-sufficiency by advancing careers, building businesses and advocating workplace equity. Lisa also served two terms as president of the Boulder BPW, one of largest local business organizations in the country. Lisa recently participated in the CIO Insomnia Project which highlights the concerns that keep technology leaders up at night. 


Lisa and her husband Rob are certified scuba diving instructors and enjoy diving together under exotic seas around the world. Lisa learned passion and creativity from her mother and competitiveness and kindness from her father. She brings those values to her leadership of Amadeus.


Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois. Be sure to visit the Amadeus Consulting Blog to learn more about the thought leadership that Lisa brings to our user experience design and creative development teams.

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