"Outdoor Prolink is now well positioned to offer a technology solution tailor made to the outdoor industry with direct and immediate cost savings for our equipment partners. We are grateful to Amadeus Consulting for the advanced technical skill and expertise they have applied to our business."

Gareth Richards
President, Outdoor Prolink


One of the best ways to recall history is through stories. We hope you enjoy some our stories from way back then...

Our First Client

It was 1994, and we had setup a laptop with a simple custom application and an off-the-shelf CRM tool for a friend. He was an inside sales rep and needed better organizational and tracking tools to be more productive and successful. His sales increased tenfold and customer relationships flourished so much that the CEO took notice and thus our first client was born. At this first client engagement, we brought desktop and laptop computers to a business development team that had never had them. We designed and developed a custom application in addition to custom training for the users on how to use their computers and their applications. We are grateful for the opportunity this client gave us and are still mindful of treating each client with the excitement and attention of the first.

First website

We built several initial websites back in 1995, including one for our company, one for a company that produces precision pointing systems and components for industrial, commercial and aerospace applications, one for a local scuba shop, and one for a travel agent. We can remember having to convince one of our first Web clients to let us build them a website pro-bono. They had not heard of the Internet, did not know anyone who had a website, and we had to really convince them this was a good idea.

We were true pioneers in Web development back in those early years. We figured out ways to connect databases to Web pages before anyone was doing this. We built "dynamic" sites and implemented workarounds to the many obstacles we encountered. Even our CEO did some website coding in HTML 1.0 using Notepad. She also taught some local classes on how to use the Internet and why it was important to have a website and use e-mail. Oh, how times have changed.

Our Name

Back in the 90's, it seemed every technology company was using acronyms for their names, it was IT Tech this and Computer WS that. We wanted to be different and find a name that was not trendy. In the 80's there was a movie about Wolfgang Mozart Amadeus that we had all seen. It was a beautifully made, lavishly created and gorgeous film on Mozart's life. Although much of the film was based on fiction, the way they portrayed Amadeus as a creative genius, extremely passionate, wanting to make a difference, and working crazy hours (under the table in one scene) which drew parallels to what we felt when creating software solutions.

There are many similarities between the performance of a symphony and designing and developing software solutions. We even included in our principles our belief that great software is built with both science and art. The consulting part of the name is because we feel our responsibility - our job - is more than just following requirements, it's to consult on the best solution to solve the business need. And the "Group", is because we feel this is a team effort, just like performing a symphony, and that the sum of two individuals (1 + 1) can be greater than "2".

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