"Amadeus Consulting is who we turn to for our .NET development. As a partner Amadeus has continually proven their ability to rapidly develop, implement, and maintain solutions that support the dynamic nature of our business. With Amadeus we have the confidence that, going into each project, the final product will meet or exceed our requirements and expectations."

- Nate Peterson, Spyder Active Sports

Consumer Discretionary Clients

Consumer discretionary items from automobiles to apparel to media are some of the most highly sought-after items from e-commerce websites. There are thousands of retailers in this highly competitive space. These e-commerce companies need to be dynamic, unique and highly efficient while offering their customers a wide selection through an easy to use website.

Amadeus Consulting is an expert at creating consumer focused websites, having created several successful e-commerce and retailing platforms. We possess the background to create sophisticated and customized sites for any kind of product or service on the market. These are enterprise e-commerce solutions that scale to handle millions of transactions a day.

Additionally we create software solutions that help automate and enhance any company's processes including enhanced reporting tools, OLAP systems, and data storage expertise. We create systems that not only account for large capacities, but also integrate several other features to give consumers a secure and rich experience. Recently we created a website for an outdoor retailer that incorporated their existing site, including an improved design, superior functionality, and volume for incoming orders. We offer the latest transaction 3rd Party Tools that make your online transactions easy and secure including Verisign® and PayPal®.

At Amadeus Consulting, we enjoy the opportunity to tackle challenges and meet your individual needs, so let us be part of your solution. Learn more about the customized results we have developed for other industries.

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