"Amadeus Consulting helped us enter a new world of apps, including developing a terrific app for our brand and helping with app marketing. But they also taught us about the entire process of app development, starting at the very beginning and building us up from there. We are very pleased with Amadeus Consulting."

- Ron Salk
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Amadeus Consulting has a tremendous amount of experience working with startup companies. Startup entrepreneurs face many unique challenges. We recognize the first task, and one of the most important and difficult, is to select the right technology partner.  We say partner because a partner commits the same passion and desire to succeed as the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have entrusted us for many years to be a partner they can count on every time. This is because we understand that the technology needs for startups are different than for established businesses. These needs include:

A technology partner that is quick and nimble in this "napkin-to-production" process

Of all types of clients, entrepreneurs have the greatest requirement for solutions that can morph and grow as their business needs change. Our approach to building a framework for our software solutions allows this requirement to be met.

Creative thinking across a variety of mediums

Entrepreneurs have the business idea and need to work with a creative technology team that can envision multiple ways to use technology to bring the idea(s) to life. Our experience in a variety of mediums like mobile applications, Rich Internet Application, handheld solutions and others enables us to mix and match a creative solution.

Funding constraints that require phased approaches that may leverage existing tools

Not only do Startup's require a very conscientious attention to budget but the ability to envision a phased approach to delivering scope. The creative approach often includes leverages tools and software in the beginning that can be phased out as the startup business succeeds.

Start-up entrepreneurs recognize right away our sincere excitement and commitment in helping their visions unfold into reality. We embody a smaller-business structure and entrepreneurial atmosphere in our own culture. Because of this, we possess the ability to cater to the necessary adjustments, budget changes, and agile schedule that allows startup entrepreneurs to thrive.

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