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Success Spotlight

Brief-Lynx, Inc.

Brief Summary


After being told the project was impossible, Brief-Lynx came to Amadeus for help with a centralized website to upload, scan and automatically establish links to the source documents at the page and line level for legal brief submissions. 

Amadeus Consulting leveraged the best of our knowledge with powerful 3rd party tools in order to give Brief-Lynx a better way to edit legal briefs and presentations.

Technology/Application Information

Application Type
Data Collection and Management
Client Type
Private Company
Business Need
Create new business
Grow business using technology
Automate/optimize existing process

The Business Challenge

Brief-Lynx, Inc, located in Denver, Colorado, is a legal communications company dedicated to assisting law firms in swift and logical presentations for their litigations. David Vanderport, the founder, president and senior consultant started the company in order to support trial technologies. Specifically, Brief-Lynx specializes in litigation consulting, visual strategy development, technology support and consulting and the overall appearance of legal presentations.

The client wanted to create a website that could generate legal briefs, and make them annotatable (i.e. create links, highlight, zoom, etc). The solution simplifies the brief-creation process for clients, and provides them with a centralized, web-based location to modify documents. Previously, Brief-Lynx had been using Adobe® Acrobat® for all of its editing, but found it to be not only expensive, but also limited in the scope needed.

After being told that the project was impossible, Brief-Lynx came to Amadeus Consulting hoping to hear that we could provide the solution. Right in line with our credo "Everything is Possible," we took the project and ultimately created a successful solution.

The Solution

This project proved to be a challenge for Amadeus Consulting, as nothing like this exists in the market. After conducting much research to address a strategy for the project, the developers at Amadeus Consulting leveraged many 3rd party tools and the Microsoft .NET platform to create the tool.

S3 (Simple Storage Service) from Amazon proved to be an important tool in this project as it provides  high capacity storage at a low cost, a great option for large legal briefs. Brief-LynxTM broadens the scope needed to give employees or their clients the ability to annotate and package large legal briefs.

Brief-LynxTM grants users the capacity to edit, create links, highlight and zoom in specific sections of text. It reduces the amount of links users need to get where they need, saving time and money. The website itself is a centralized location, easier to access and contributes to a more collaborative process for annotation of briefs.

Brief-LynxTM was successfully deployed in October of 2008.

The client was thrilled with the result of Brief-Lynx and has since asked Amadeus Consulting to make enhancements to the Brief-Lynx project.  Amadeus Consulting looks forward to a continuing successful relationship with Brief-Lynx. 

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