“Amadeus Consulting’s mobile development experience spoke for itself, and we were not only thrilled with the development process, but also the final Major Dczion iPhone and iPad app. We can now reach students worldwide to help them with their major decision in life.”

 – Chris Botha, President, CaerusPoint

White Papers

At Amadeus Consulting, our clients often look to us for guidance in order to stay on the leading edge of technology.  White papers are a vehicle we use to break down technology issues facing decision makers as well as to provide a sorting mechanism for a complex array of alternative approaches facing businesses today.

Quite often businesses only look at one side of a technology approach because it serves more exclusively their needs.  As a solution provider, we recognize that different business situations will lend themselves to alternative approaches and solutions, which drives us to provide a more comprehensive analysis.   

Written from the point of view of a subject-matter expert, the goal of our white papers is to further educate our clients, thus empowering them to make more informed decisions when choosing the right technology solution for their business needs.

Learn more about the successful implementations our clients have experienced below, or contact our business development team today to see how a similar solution can benefit your organization.

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