"Amadeus Consulting helped us [Boulder Valley School District] clarify the relationships between our business goals and the technical capacity to meet those goals. They produced an innovative solution for our complex problem."

- Mike Wilcox
Assistant Director for Student Enrollment at BVSD

Quality Assurance

Given the importance of testing as part of quality we want to share some aspects of our approach. One important way we ensure quality is by using the Amadeus Platform the testing requirements of many aspects of the architecture are greatly reduced. The Amadeus Platform has already been through rigorous testing in many different applications. Another aspect of our approach is that testing is not only completed by the developer who wrote the code, but by the entire project team. Our development methodology lends itself more easily to integration testing and testing the communication between developers' work. Our development practices include things like building test harnesses and writing test scenarios and test scripts which also improve the quality of the work along the way. Throughout the project and again as a final check after testing is completed, the team lead and/or director of client engagement will walk through the requirements documentation to ensure that functionality was not missed or misinterpreted.

These are only some of the aspects of Quality Assurance at Amadeus Consulting. There are many more including continuous integration, iterative testing, cross Web browser testing, setting up test environments and version control, code reviews, performance testing, deployment scripts and others.

In summary, we value quality assurance and appreciate and understand creating the right balance of testing in the scope of the project budget.

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