"I'm very impressed with the Amadeus Consulting team and their ability to deliver a mission-critical system on a tight deadline. Our successful deployment of TSMS™ has established our ability to assist both government and private authorities."

Jeffrey K. Beatty
Founder and President, TotalSecurity.US

ASP.NET Development

Need an Expert ASP.NET Developer?

 ASP.NET is the software development framework for web-based application development that allows for websites, web applications and web services. It is an incredibly flexible framework that provides software developers the ability to create many kinds of web-based applications.

Amadeus Consulting has been handling ASP.NET development since the beta release in 2001. Our custom software development team has used the framework to develop and implement many applications for our clients.

Advantages of the ASP.NET Framework

  • Lightweight Code
    Reduces amount of code needed for large-scale applications
  • Secure Applications
    Built-in authentication and per-application configuration
  • Better Performance
    Leverages just-in-time compilation to create fast applications
  • Widely Accepted Platform
    Access to large user-knowledge base
  • Easy Deployment and Maintenance
    Making the final product easy to launch and use  

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