“The user experience audit Amadeus Consulting provided Bookit.com was instrumental in the improvements made to our Web site. In just our first implementation of their recommendations, we improved home page bounce rate by 20%! The user experience audit allowed us to leverage their expertise in an extremely cost-effective way.”

- Jamin A. Finlaw, Vice President of Product Development, BookIt.com®

Software Code Review and Validation

Looking for expert third-party feedback on your source code quality?

A code review will determine the general “health” of a custom software solution and serves as the starting point for correcting any issues that may be revealed. Through Amadeus Consulting's proprietary process, we review code and database architecture with an emphasis on potential security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and maintainability.

Meet Your Code Review Lead

Steve Loper leads our esteemed Innovation Team, the group of technical experts charged with keeping our company on the leading edge of technology. Steve believes that true innovation is as much about the approach as it is about the successful end result. His role ensures the strongest technical approaches and innovative solutions address the unique and complex challenges around quality, sustainability, and scalability clients face.

As one of the top technical minds in the country, Steve has unparalleled insight into any software system and is an expert in code reviews and recommendations.

Our code review process focuses on three main areas:

  • Security: The source code of the solution (website or application) itself, and access to the database must be kept secure in order to prevent a third party from gaining control with malicious intent. This is especially important in cases involving customer financial or other confidential information (credit card, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc.).

  • Performance: The load-time of a website or web-based application can determine whether or not a user returns to a website, let alone completes a transaction. Combine that with the fact user experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in how search engines rank websites, it is essential to optimize all web-based solutions for performance.

  • Maintainability: Put simply, if the software solution in question is very labor-intensive to maintain, it is likely costing precious time and occupying resources that might be better served working on revenue-generating initiatives.   

Amadeus Consulting will list out our top recommendations for improvement and will estimate the effort to complete the work. Our team will work directly with you to determine the best next steps based on budget and timeframe expectations.

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