"I have been extremely impressed with the Mobile Application Promotion process by the Amadeus Consulting Search Visibility and Marketing team. I felt comfortable with the collective creativity and technical knowledge that they brought to the project and have seen a huge increase in interest and downloads for my iPhone Application, Maptool X." 

- Nick Mansour, Owner Wall Street Images, LLC.

Mobile App Marketing and Promotion

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In the realm of mobile apps, the reality of today is that the marketplace is crowded. With nearly a million apps available across all app stores, the need to stand out has never been more important. After all, while it's commendable to create something great, what's the point if the world never hears about it?

Sometimes even the best, most engaging app goes largely ignored without putting similar weight into the promotion of an app as you do the design and development. You likely have put a lot of thought into either designing the app yourself, or picking an expert mobile app development team to develop it for you. In either scenario, you need to consider the promotion of the app just as heavily.

Amadeus Consulting offers mobile application promotion solutions that best position our clients' apps for success. Whether that is measured in number of downloads, number of active users, or total revenue, we will custom tailor a mobile application promotion strategy that corresponds with your business goals. We will then implement that strategy; continually measuring results and providing a constant feedback loop to course correct our approach as we go.

App Marketing Stategy

Amadeus Consulting leverages the following tactics to implement our mobile application promotion strategy:
  • E-Media Kit - A content strategy document that provides important messaging including app descriptions, a press release, app screenshots, and a company/app fact sheet
  • App Descriptions - Optimize app descriptions from the e-media kit for the app stores. This ensures that the best and most important content is showcased
  • Media List - Research and compile targeted media list of bloggers, app review sites, and reporters for whom to pitch the app
  • Video Demo - Develop a video demo of the app so users can quickly and easily understand the app's benefits, easing user anxiety especially for paid apps
  • Google Analytics -Set up Google and Flurry Analytics accounts to track performance against goals and measures
  • Google AdWords -Set up and manage AdWords account if this is an appropriate addition to promotion strategy
  • Social Media -Analyze, set-up and manage first few posts to the most appropriate social media channels for the app

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