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- Ryan Lewis, Tundra Specialties

Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization

Success can mean many different things depending on how you measure it. To brands that are simply looking to raise visibility of a product or initiative, success can be defined by driving a large volume of traffic to a specific location. If success is defined by conversions (e.g., landing page form submissions), sheer traffic volume isn’t as meaningful. However, if success is measured by the quality of conversions, (i.e. greater likelihood of converting to a sale), this demonstrates the need for a specific strategy to create a quality lead generation pipeline with an optimized scenario converting that lead into a sale.

About Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization

We have a three phase approach which begins with current state measurement. We will perform a best practices and user experience audit as well as take a snapshot of existing site metrics to establish a baseline upon which to improve.

Once we understand your business goals and have developed a plan, the next phase of our approach is implementation. The tactics we take to ensure a successful outcome will vary depending on your needs and include:

  • Content Editing and UX Adjustments
  • Setup Advanced Tracking
  • A/B Testing

The third phase of our approach is reporting, analysis, and refinement. This includes conversion metrics; the outcome of which is generating a list of improvements we can make every month. As this is an iterative process, the best way to ensure a successful outcome is through this cycle of data analysis and tactical refinement.

Amadeus Consulting can also assist in managing Google PPC campaigns and Google AdWords Grants.

Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization

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