“We were very happy with the product Amadeus Consulting delivered us. We screened over twenty different developers for the project and Amadeus Consulting’s combination of attention to detail, professionalism in approach and pricing won the project. We also greatly appreciated the fact that they understood our business objective and not just the technology."

-Ricky Rodriguez, Happy State Bank 

Mobile App Development

Hire Experts in Mobile Application Strategy, Design, Development, & Implementaion

At Amadeus Consulting, we have developed hundreds of custom applications for our clients on mobile platforms and devices including iPhone™, iPad™Android™, Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you build a lasting mobile presence that will transform your business.

Enterprise Solutions

Custom mobile applications empower our enterprise clients by allowing them to untether their business and gain a higher level of flexibility. Our scalable, high-performing mobile solutions will engage your workforce by granting them the power to streamline their workday. The industry-leading developers on our mobile app design team work hand-in-hand with our creative designers throughout the project lifecycle to deliver an outstanding user experience on any mobile platform. To learn more about mobile enterprise solutions, browse our Client Success Stories.

We understand that the mobile development process doesn’t end at Gold Release. As part of the Amadeus Consulting “Client for Life” philosophy, our technology consultants are dedicated to tailoring a technology strategy that exceeds your goals and transforms your business.

The Amadeus Consulting mobile app development team has built cross-platform, enterprise-grade mobile applications for clients in a variety of industries, including: Healthcare, Finance, Ecommerce, and Transportation.

Increasing Engagement

Because mobile devices are an integral part of our society, custom mobile development is in high demand by businesses that want to join the mobile market. The emergence of wireless accessibility also leads to added marketing and innovation opportunities. Most businesses are searching for an app developer with more than just development knowledge, they need a technology consultant who has a finger on the mobile market and truly understands how to design a winning mobile strategy tailored to their business.

Many existing businesses will find that having a mobile presence boosts brand exposure and sales while optimizing existing processes; entrepreneurs will find abundant opportunities to take their idea to market with the innovative solutions and services provided by our strategic technology consultants.

Kickstart Your Business with Mobile

As a company that started out of tech entrepreneurship, we are well equipped to help entrepreneurs start new mobile-related business, not only by developing an app but also by working hand-in-hand on business strategy and branding. Our consultants will work with you to build a robust, innovative application on time and within your budget. Because marketing and promotion is an integral part of any successful mobile app launch, we have an in-house marketing agency with the tools and expertise to maximize reach and discoverability.

Read more about our work with mobile entrepreneurs in our Client Success Stories.


Our collaborative project design methodology encompasses multiple team members from across the organization. Business Solutions experts work with you from the start to create a mobile strategy and ensure that your application is tailored to your business goals. UX/UI specialists from our Creative team are involved throughout development, including requirements gathering, branding, wireframing, and user testing, to ensure that your application has an intuitive, top notch user experience. The senior-level architects on our Innovation team solve challenging technology problems and provide insight on leading-edge options for your solution. Our in-house digital marketing agency, Amadeus Digital, is equipped to enhance your mobile strategy with branding, mobile app promotion and robust market analytics. Finally, experienced Project Managers oversee development to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Value-Added Technology Consulting - We apply a business consulting perspective to every mobile app development project

Requirements Analysis - Effective requirements gathering sessions are essential to have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with your app

Efficient Project Management - We create and maintain a project plan to track the status of project milestones helping to avoid large surprises and delays at the end of your project

Risk Mitigation - These include technical and business risks faced by every iPhone application development project, as well as project-specific issues

Testing - To help secure acceptance, a comprehensive testing plan is established at the outset and throughout your app development

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