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Custom Software & Web Development

When out of the box software can’t satisfy your complex business needs, Amadeus Consulting will identify and develop the best solution for your most difficult technical requirements and business challenges. Whether you are integrating new or existing systems, expanding your enterprise technologies, or building a more effective website, our Custom Software Development Team has the experience to help you reach your business goals with the right technology.

No matter the industry, Amadeus Consulting will select the architecture, application, database design, and custom coding required to ensure that the solution we build will fit seamlessly into your existing systems.

Contact us today and implement a development strategy to reach your long-term business goals.

Innovation Team

When building custom software for our clients, we strive to include solutions and technologies that are the best fit for the project and end users. At Amadeus Consulting our Innovation Team has been built around fulfilling the unique and complex technical needs of our clients. Whether it is an architecture consultation, implementing new technologies, or assisting on projects to determine the best technical approach, the Innovation Team is dedicated to providing guidance.

  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Systems Integration
  • MySQL
  • Analysis Server
  • LINQ
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