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“Working with Amadeus Consulting gave us the chance to utilize its extremely extensive collective expertise and analytical intelligence to create our Draft Tool. The process was collaborative, flexible and extremely successful.”

- Chris Nalley, CEO WaiverWire

Amadeus Platform

The Amadeus Platform has been designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • Reliability - code that has already undergone rigorous testing
  • Performance -code that has been fine tuned for performance
  • Speed (both code and development) - reuse allows for faster turnaround

Starting each project with an existing codebase allows us to remove some of the tedious tasks associated with developing custom software. Since the code is used by many clients it has the advantage of being tested more thoroughly than would be feasible on any one project. Amadeus uses this platform as a starting point which reduces the overall hours, limits risk and allows for our experience to solidify within a common framework for all of our developers.

Unlike many other 3rd party tools, you receive full access to all of the source code within the platform. This allows your developers the ability to extend and enhance beyond the initial project. It also allows your developers to have access to the same time saving advantages that Amadeus programmers enjoy.

Read how the Amadeus Platform was used to create a Fantasy Football drafting tool for WaiverWire, and a Business Networking Website for Betty's Buzz.

Technically the Amadeus Platform is a series of libraries that wrap the .NET framework. A partial list is outlined below.

Amadeus.Commerce - a generic e-commerce implementation with basic shopping cart, product catalog, and checkout processing which can be extended to support more complex e-commerce solutions and additional payment processors.

Amadeus.Data - a layer on top of ADO.NET that eliminates much of the repetitive code typically associated with database access.

  • A custom generation tool based on CodeSmith, Amadeus.Data generates strongly typed datasets, CRUD (create, update and delete) stored procedures, and ADO.NET
  • The entire database design is referenced by the custom generation tool, automatically leveraging the data model for foreign keys, identity columns and timestamps
  • The strongly-typed datasets generated can be used as the basis for custom business objects, with the custom business logic implemented by developers without coding the data layer

Amadeus.Diagnostics - a tracing and auditing tool that leverages the .NET trace architecture, while extending it to allow for more flexibility in reporting

Amadeus.Forms - a set of interface controls on top of those provided by the .NET Framework

Amadeus.Security - a set of utilities that manage password hashing, salts and random password generation as well as query string security

Amadeus.Web - a template architecture that defines the user interface in a single location (or template) separate from the application logic

  • Web pages can automatically reference the defined user interface design through inheritance
  • The UI template can be set at runtime, which is particularly useful for co-branding
  • The component includes additional custom web controls and security enhancements


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