"Amadeus Consulting developed a customized solution that met our unique needs and included additional market-leading functionalities and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Amadeus Consulting."

Susann Powers
IT Director, Leanin’ Tree

Data Collection and Management

Developing an application that effectively collects and manages data should be easy but it is harder than it sounds. Data collection and management requires good design of both the application that is collecting the data and the database that is storing the data. Too often either one- or both - is overlooked.

Further complicating matters, it is common to collect a significant amount of data from employees in the field through PDAs, cell phones and disconnected laptops. Security and synchronization are just two critical items that must be considered before building a data collection system. Amadeus Consulting has been building mobile collection devices and data collection portals for over a decade.

Amadeus Consulting has the depth of skill and an in-house development team to design, develop and deploy all the parts of an effective data collection system including a Web interface (or smart client), database and mobile application. We have experience in compact databases, synchronization of mobile databases and data collection from various sources like EDI, XML, RPC and other proprietary data feeds. We even have the expertise to program in low level languages such as C which is often required by legacy systems.

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