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"Amadeus Consulting clearly knows how to manage a large custom software project and to move from concept to production, enabling MGMA to make the transition to a Web-enabled enterprise system. We are very pleased with our success on this major development project."

Fran L. Iannucci, MS, PMP, Senior Manager, Business Information Services, MGMA

Database Design & Development

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At Amadeus Consulting we know that the strength of an application includes a carefully thought-out database design and implementation. The ability to build powerful, scalable websites and back-end applications comes from understanding our clients’ business problem and translating it into the best architecture, application and database design. Our experts will build a data management solution that empowers your business with a streamlined knowledge base and the tools to make informed business decisions.

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Database Design Expertise

Amadeus Consulting knows through our experience that scaling an application to handle millions of transactions a minute from 50,000+ concurrent online users requires a well thought-out database design, smart implementation of relationships and constraints and knowledge of the hardware requirements to support it.

One of the most important elements for our clients is protecting data integrity. Our technically savvy developers build every database system with robust security features, data encryption and scalable architecture– giving you the power to focus on running and growing your business.

Our database design and development team has broad and deep experience with all of the major database technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Analysis Server, LINQ, and ORM. In addition, our team is well-versed in OLAP and cloud storage solutions.

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