"Outdoor Prolink is now well positioned to offer a technology solution tailor made to the outdoor industry with direct and immediate cost savings for our equipment partners. We are grateful to Amadeus Consulting for the advanced technical skill and expertise they have applied to our business."

Gareth Richards
President, Outdoor Prolink

Data Management Solutions

High performing data storage and management systems

Effective data management goes far beyond storage. Our technical experts have extensive experience in data collection, integration and organization across all major data storage platforms and methodologies. We have deployed database systems for everything from multiprocessor, multi-machine clusters to mobile devices. A secure, high-performing data storage system will provide a solid foundation for your enterprise application and give you access to a new realm of possibilities for business intelligence.

Along with the below data storage platforms, Amadeus Consulting has experience in MySQL and Oracle databases, as our software development methodology is agnostic to the data storage platform.

SQL Server

SQL / relational data storage is the most common method of storing data for business systems. It features high performance data retrieval and reporting. It is good for storing large amounts of data and provides tools to maintain data integrity. However, SQL Server data storage is only as good as the logical and physical database design - all of the advantages of relational databases can be negated by a bad design. It can be difficult to map relational data into an object-oriented software design - which is why Amadeus Consulting has architecture to do just that.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is used in many aspects of software development, including data storage and sharing. Its ASCII-text-based standard provides interoperability across operating systems and platforms. XML is an easy way to store small amounts of structured data without having a database and because of this, XML can make your data more available and useful. Upgrading to new operating systems, browsers or applications without losing any data is made easier with XML data storage. It provides tools to maintain data integrity (XSD). However, performance can degrade drastically as XML document size increases.


OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is a way to quickly query large amounts of multi-dimensional data. It is commonly used in reporting analytics in marketing, sales, management, financials, budgeting and forecasting. OLAP allows for rapid execution of complex analytical and ad-hoc queries. It puts the power of data in the hands of the business user. OLAP can analyze historical data and get answers to many questions without users having to ask IT departments to produce reports.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply the use of hardware and software resources that are delivered as a service over a network. Data storage and management through the cloud provides businesses with increased flexibility and accessibility with reduced capital costs and investments.

Learn more about our Cloud Computing expertise here.

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