“Amadeus Consulting addressed our project in a timely and efficient manner with expert skills that allowed us to achieve real business results.”

- Ryan Lewis, Tundra Specialties

Legacy Software Systems

Many systems run on older technologies that have proven their value but could benefit from newer upgrades and optimizations. Much like rebuilding an engine on an aging car, we can work with a piece of legacy technology and retrofit it with newer high-performing technology that will increase the power, efficiency, and effectiveness of older systems. Legacy systems are vital to many businesses, and we have the skill, experience, and breadth of skills necessary to help your system perform better.

Contact us today about your legacy software system to learn more about how our extensive software skills and experience can help your organization. 

Benefits of using Amadeus Consulting:

  • We have a wide-range of experience and have built and worked on software systems that have weathered the test of time, surviving and thriving through many years of software trends and technology cycles.
  • We are "the right size" in that we can easily bring in the appropriate specialists from our team that have the necessary expertise to help with the really difficult, technical pieces of a project, such as OLAP, custom database solutions, complex integrations, packet sniffing, or networking challenges, just to name a few.
  • We are focused on helping you achieve your business goals and we are organized to be efficient, yet thorough. We can bridge older and newer technologies efficiently and effectively in order to get the results you need.
  • We have a phenomenal skill-set for working with older technologies and for adapting new technologies to achieve your goals.
  • Because custom software development is our core business, we use a lot of technologies, products and tools. Chances are we have the background and experience with your technology and we can use that to help you evaluate the risks and benefits.
  • Extensive capabilities across a vast array of programming languages and platforms.
  • Each legacy system is unique. Over the lifetime of software systems, administrators often create additions, extensions and custom tools which enhance the system but also add to the complexity.

We have the necessary underlying skill and experience to understand your unique and complex legacy systems, and we can design a scalable solution that will meet your needs. We invite you to contact us directly to find out if we are the right fit for you and your needs.


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